Florence Welch Wears Cristina Adami’s “Rabbit Heart” Design at Terminal 5

We are so excited to share some photos of the Florence + the Machine performance at Terminal 5 in NYC, where Florence wore Cristina Adami’s winning design. But first, we’re going to hear from Cristina about how she felt when she found out she won and what’s next for her.

TH: How did you hear about the Creative Invite with Florence + the Machine?
CA: I heard about the invite on Fashion Capital newsletter. I receive it weekly, and I always read it, but that week I was about to delete it before opening. Than I changed my mind and found the Talenthouse Creative Invite. (I had bought Florence album few weeks earlier and had listened to it nearly every day since.) It was 2 days before the deadline. I worked on my idea over night and truly enjoyed just doing it!

I think that fashion, as music, comes from an emotion and should be, more than anything, fun.

TH: What was the inspiration behind your design?
CA: My outfit was manly inspired by Florence’s second song in the album, Rabbit Heart, as it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and I love all the idea of transforming, spinning, finding yourself somewhere else. I wanted to reproduce the sense of magic, fairy tale and deep vibration that is often on Florence’s songs. I wanted to create sort of a bowl of light all around her while she’s performing, like a soft blur of peachy shadow. I bought the lace in a vintage market in Italy last summer and loved the less obvious flowery design. When I looked at it again it reminded me of the anatomy of the lungs and decided to included on my design.

TH: How does it feel to have designed the winning outfit?!
CA: Saying that I feel happy that I won is probably not enough. I feel extremely lucky that I got the chance to work, not only with the Talenthouse team which made this happen, but also directly with Florence and her stylist Aldene that fully understood my concept. It’s been a great experience so far and a nice learning curve too.

TH: In closing, what is next for you in your fashion career?
CA: I’ve been working in fashion as a freelance for a while and in the last few months I had been thinking on working on my own small collection of dresses under my own name. It’s all a work in progress at the moment, but I hope this is just the beginning of my independent career. Please wait for my collection to be launched soon!

Cristina and Florence, in Cristina’s design | Photo credit: Avital Aronowitz

Photo credit: Avital Aronowitz

Photo credit: Avital Aronowitz

Wow — looks and sounds like it was an incredible experience for Cristina! Her stage outfit came out beautiful, and is certainly something we would expect to see Florence to wear in a music video/performance. Job well done, Cristina! And a special thank you goes out to Florence Welch, her stylist Aldene Johnson, and Lucky Magazine for hosting this Creative Invite!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Cristina‘s work, or would like to contact her, you can do so by visiting her website www.cristinadami.com, her blog http://cristinaadami.blogspot.com/, or you can e-mail her directly: info@cristinadami.com

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