Featured Photographer: Vanessa Paxton

Vanessa Paxton is an aspiring photographer whose creative photographs I instantly fell in love with! She grew up in Jamaica and now resides in Toronto where she attends Ryerson University pursuing her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. She participated in Maroon 5’s Creative Invite, which is still in review, but you can check out her submission here.

TH: How did your photography career start?
VP: I started out in high school. I was really encouraged by my photo-teacher and her husband. I look back at my photographs from then and I don’t even recognize them, but they encouraged me to keep at it so I went on to pursue it at Ryerson University. And now here I am!

TH: What do you hope to accomplish this year?
VP: This year I’d really like to get my name out there more. I’d like to do more creative shoots with clients and I’d really like to build a wedding portfolio.

TH:What is your favorite subject to photograph?
VP: I’m going to use the term “subject” loosely to answer this question, because I don’t focus on a particular object. My favorite subject to shoot is anything surreal or illusory. I like to create things that are interesting to look at and make people wonder, “how did she do that?” That’s the type of artwork I admire and appreciate, thus that is what I strive for in my own work.

TH: What advice would you offer to someone else starting out in your field?
VP: I think I’m still more in a position to be taking advice rather than giving it. But I suppose the advice I would give to someone else starting out would be to avoid looking at photographers too far out of your league. For me, at least, it tends to discourage my progress. So my advice would be to shoot often and try not to compare yourself to people who have been doing this a lot longer than you have.

TH: What does creativity mean to you?
VP: Creativity to me means “unique.” Things that I find creative always, always have a uniqueness about it.

Vanessa on the Web: Flickr | Talenthouse | Website