Best iPhone App for the Actor Going Places

We recently met with Hollywood casting director Heidi Levitt, perhaps best known for her work on such films as JFK, Natural Born Killers, Nixon, The Rock, Joy Luck Club and Lakeview Terrace.

She and her team launched a powerful tool specifically designed for actors but essentially for anyone interested in the film and television industry called Actor Genie.

Actor Genie is the go-to professional tool for actors, agents, managers and casting directors.¬†Find out what’s casting, who’s casting it, where to find representation, plus valuable tips from top actors, directors, writers and casting directors.

You will also find links to people who can make things happen; not just hotshot names, but the assistants you need to know. And even better, they have created top ten lists with names of their favorite headshot photographers, acting coaches, gyms, theatres and so much more.

Get the full version of Actor Genie here or try out the free version first.

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