5 Ways to Conquer Your Fears

Take an honest moment to reflect on an opportunity you didn’t pursue because you were afraid of failing at it. What’s the worse thing that could have happened if you had gone for it? We would all be a little more productive¬†if fear didn’t exist. If you didn’t fear rejection, you might submit your work more broadly. If you didn’t fear the sting of criticism, you would hesitate less when starting a new project. Here are a few ideas to bring that scenario closer to reality.

1. Accept its presence

Fear is a part of what makes us human. Adele has admitted that she suffers from stage fright despite her success, which shows that it affects everyone no matter how much or how little they have achieved.

There is no real magical cure for banishing anxiety. It exists because our minds are hardwired to help us survive by warning us to avoid danger. This is why we are often afraid of harm, whether physical or mental. Because some form of fear will always reside within us, we must accept it and figure out realistic coping methods.

2. Ditch perfectionism

You may have one of those days where you think your work is abominable, but there is no way to get better except continuing to work on it. The beginning of the creation stage is not the time to chase perfection or even worry about what’s good. Concentrate on your end goal – after all, getting it done is the first step to revising. And then you can think about making it good.

3. Motivate yourself

Have you ever found yourself thinking that once you’ve read the proper amount of inspiring personal development books or prepared yourself mentally, you’ll finally be able to put it all into action and begin your work as a master of living? Try learning as you go. John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Don’t hold off another day.

Take a piece of paper, a pencil, and five minutes to yourself. Write down all the things you are afraid of and consider what you could easily achieve if you weren’t afraid of them. This should awaken you to how much you can have if you shut down fear. Acting against your fears is all up to you.

Put your piece of paper away and look at it when you need a boost.

4. Rebrand failure

Adopt successful patterns by studying successful people. Take their advice; they tend to know what they’re talking about. You will come to find that they don’t take rejection very seriously.

A great example is Abraham Lincoln. The man lost eight elections, had two failed businesses, and experienced a nervous breakdown that kept him in bed for six months. This is not widely known about him because he is obviously remembered more for the good he did when he did succeed in becoming president. Adopt the abundance mentality and chip away at as many opportunities as you can handle so the world can see how awesome you are.

In other words, take the good from each experience and move on. Think carefully about each lesson you learn and apply it to future attempts.

5. Focus on your work

There is a reason why you do what you do. You have an inner to desire to create. Odds are the first time you tried to compose a song or sketched a still life, failure was not on your mind. Revisit that often. You cannot produce good work while you are obsessing over potential failure, nor will you contemplate failure while you’re fulfilling your passions.

What does fear mean to you, and how to you overcome it?

Photo credit: Daniel Gottschling