Teaming Up With Jedidiah Clothing to Cultivate Change

One of our most exciting recent Creative Invites would not be possible without a partnership with the non-profit organization Jedidiah Clothing. Jedidiah, a humanitarian-based apparel brand, seeks to collaborate with a different charity each season and produce garments whose sales will benefit those in need.

Their website reads:

[cquote]We want to give everyone a chance to make a measureable difference in the world. We believe that by artistically connecting apparel to social causes, many people in need can be helped. [/cquote]

Jedidiah’s partner organizations focus on raising money and awareness for life-changing causes. The clothing Jedidiah produces for each partnership is creatively inspired by the cause the profits will benefit.

This is where Talenthouse, and plenty of talented designers entered the picture. Switchfoot came to our community in search of a new hoodie design inspired by their album ‘Vice Verses’ and as you may know, Cedric Cha of Malaysia created the winning design. His hoodie, distributed by Jedidiah Clothing, is currently on sale and proceeds from every sale benefit StandUp For Kids.

StandUp for Kids is an organization dedicated to supporting and caring for homeless youth. You can read more about them here.

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