Louis Vuitton to Collaborate With Yayoi Kusama

Great news for those who love all things Louis Vuitton and polka dots – the luxury brand has announced that creative director Marc Jacobs will team up with Yayoi Kusama. The Japanese artist is famed for her designs featuring polka dots, so we can only imagine what kind of creations will appear in upcoming collections!

A spokesperson called Jacobs “a longtime fan of Kusama” and revealed that Kusama’s artwork will be displayed in the Louis Vuitton flagship store on New Bond Street when the collaboration launches in stores in early July. Louis Vuitton is a sponsor of Tate Modern’s Kusama retrospective, which kicks off in February.

One of Kusama’s most notable recent contributions stems from her participation in the Walking in My Mind show, hosted by the Hayward Gallery. Her display involved the wrapping of trees along the Southbank in red and white spotted tape.

Her Obliteration Room in the Queensland Art Gallery show Look Now, See Forever was a sight to behold.


What are your favorite fashion collaborations of the past? Any dream collaborations? Let us know!

Photo Credit: Zilla