Producer, Dr. Alice Wilder, to judge GoGo squeeZ’s Design Invite

Producer Dr. Alice Wilder, known for her work on “Blue’s Clues,” is heading the judging panel for GoGo squeeZ’s logo design search. Courtney Caligiuri of She Posts had the chance to speak with Dr. Wilder about her participation in the Creative Invite and what she’ll be looking for in the winning submission.

“What we’re looking for is a really innovative design that represents the brand,” said Dr. Wilder. “Creativity is innovation,” she went on to say. “Being original, using the ethos of the brand itself and how it makes you feel and how it inspires you to be active.” [Read more of the article here]

We are really excited to see all of the great submissions and look forward to seeing Dr. Wilder’s choice!

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