Photobombing With The Stars

Whether it’s a hidden signature or the “juxtaposition of God and the human brain” on a chapel ceiling, artists have been adding ingenious elements of surprise to their works for thousands of years. By providing a glimpse of the creator behind the creation, these elements help bridge the gap between artist and viewer. So now what, you may ask, are the modern incarnations of said elements? I’m sure many exist, but my current favorite is the photobomb. A good photobomb is the essence of surprise itself. And no matter what some critics might say, photobombing is an art (albeit a slightly, er, lower-brow one). When Tina Fey, for example, photobombed her pal Amy Poehler during the Golden Globes this year, she did it with some serious skill.

It takes technique and a shrewd sense of timing to pull off the perfect photobomb. The result otherwise is hokey and uninspired rather than L-O-L funny. To do it live as Tina did was nothing less than audacious, especially since the photobomb took place just as Amy’s name was being read out as a nominee. But Tina ain’t the only photobomber out there. No, indeed, photobombers are a growing force, and if you’re not careful with your lens, you just may be the next victim. Behold, dear readers, the best celebrity photobombs of recent times:

1. Russell Brand

The ever effervescent Russell Brand and his post-modern beehive hairdo made a fabulous “guest appearance” behind the Twilight cast here.

2. Johnny Depp

Doesn’t this image capture perfectly the creative collaborations between Edward Scissorhands and his creator?

3. Gabourey Sidibe

Jake’s obliviousness is simply precious (get it?) in this one.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

…But Jake gets his own back here.

5. Chris Rock

Rihanna and Chris (Rock, that is), who’s making her feel like she’s “the only girl in the world”…without her even noticing.

6. Daniel Craig

We’ll end with this (creepy) classic courtesy of Daniel James Bond Craig. Here’s looking at you, kid.

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Got any photobombs of your own to show? Share and tell below!

Image credits: HolyTaco, Florrick|Tumblr, ChicagoNow, and NYPost