Strike a Pose: The Ultimate Checklist

We’re not at all suggesting that you remember this verbatim on your next photo shoot, but this list is a great key to unlocking which poses work best for you when you try them out casually in front of the mirror. These tips are from John Casablancas Modeling.

  • Study fashion magazines and catalogues for posing ideas!
  • Be natural and let your personality shine through!
  • Poses should typically be soft and fluid – not stiff and please, no poses showing your arm pits
  • Know your body
  • Practice in the mirror
  • Are your clothes falling naturally and smoothly?
  • What’s your best angle?
  • How is your posture?
  • What is your facial expression? Don’t use a big smile for every pose. Try a small smile, a laugh or a put to give some facial variety.
  • Breathe naturally – don’t hold your breath!

Basic poses
  • Sports Stance (legs wide)
  • Broken Line (head cocked to the side)
  • Curved Line (like the letter “c”)
  • Vertical Line (straight)
  • Copy a pose from a magazine and make small changes to it! Reposition an arm or leg, turn the head; bend, stretch or twist the body, etc. Try several and find the pose that you are most comfortable with.
  • PRACTICE makes perfect! The more you practice the more confidence you will develop where the poses will feel natural.
  • Listen to what the photographer tells you! He/she can see you through the camera. You can’t!
  • Don’t always look straight at the camera. Instead, use a variety of head and eye positions.
  • Rest most of your weight on one foot or the other instead of evenly on both feet. Doing so makes poses look less artificial and gives a slimming effect in most poses.
  • Keep your chin up to avoid a double chin look
  • Be sure to keep your hair off your face!
  • In full body shots, keep a 45 degree angle to the camera

Tell us what your favorite poses are.

Image credit: Getty Images and John Casablancas Modeling