7 Ways to Swap Doubt for Confidence

[cquote]The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.[/cquote]
-Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

If you find that doubt keeps you quitting before you’ve even started, here are some ways you can erase that obstacle and get down to work. Remember, it’s hard for others to cheer you on if you allow doubt to control your actions. So free yourself and thrive.

1. Believe

Believe not only in yourself, but in your abilities to overcome your own fears. When you tell yourself that you can, take it serious. It’s the first step to creating the projects you dream of.

2. Remember

Develop a memory bank of a few instances when you brushed fear aside, took a leap of faith, and achieved something you had previously thought impossible. Look to those moments in times of strife and try to relive the good feelings of accomplishment.

3. Find someone to look up to

It can somebody you know or someone you admire from a distance, as long as it’s someone you relate to. One of the most compelling things about reading autobiographies is reliving the sticky situations a successful person had to go through in order to get to their breakthrough. Try to replicate the positive mindset that helped them keep going and got them to the top.

4. Forgive yourself

We are all learning all the time. Letting go of doubt and insecurity takes time to pick up. Don’t feel bad if it’s been a problem for you in the past, simply vow to keep it out of your future. Your focus should be on going forward; let the guilt dissolve and keep your eye on the prize.

5. Let go

Resistance to change it’s natural because it disrupts what you’re used to. If you relax and let things take their course, in this case, let your project unfold, you’ll find that fulfilling your urges to create will overshadow the inclination toward being afraid!

6. Consider what replaces doubt

Doubt is a negative force, so by abolishing it you are bound to replace it with something positive. Empower yourself by establishing the thought that by letting insecurity go, you will be summoning happiness and peace of mind.

7. Proceed step by step

Tackle one insecurity at a time. Negative thoughts come from all directions – you may fear that you’re not talented enough and that your family will disapprove of your creative endeavors. Focus on one fear at a time to ease yourself into the idea of moving forward.

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