Showcase Your Artwork or Photography at the Houses of Parliament

In a celebration of national pride, you’re invited to submit artwork or photography that expresses what it means to be British. With so many major achievements by British figures such as Adele and more to follow with the Olympic games this summer, 2012 is a great year for the United Kingdom.

42 British artists aged 14-24 will win our new Creative Invite and have their work featured in a special exhibition at the Houses of Parliament! Basia Hamilton, portraitist to the Royal family has teamed up with photographer Rama Knight to guest judge this creative challenge from Bite the Ballot.

Michael Sani of Bite the Ballot described the Invite as:

[lquote]A chance for youth creativity and flair to brighten up the atmosphere and remind the decision makers that the future generations have a creative role to play within democracy.[/lquote]

Basia and Rama will select two winners from each of 14 regions, who, along with one highest voted winner, will have their artwork displayed at a Houses of Parliament special exhibition.

Of that pool of artists, Basia will select a few students to attend a workshop session at her London studio. Rama will select one winner to join him on location at a photo shoot. Keep it original, fresh and inspiring to pique their interest.

Every winning artist will receive a certificate from Bite the Ballot and the Olympic 2012 Inspire committee. They will also be featured across the media involved in this project.

UK residents only – submit by June 13, 2012!

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