7 Fashion Show Modeling Tips

Maybe you’re a few shows in and want to smooth out your routine or you’re a rookie on the verge of launching a modeling career. This list of fashion show modeling tips from John Casablancas Modeling will help you dominate the runway.

1. Use protection

Bring a head protector to protect the clothes from being smeared with makeup. This will also protect hair from static when pulling clothing on and off. Substitute an old thin scarf if you don’t have access to a head protector.

2. Keep masking tape on hand

You may have to tape the bottom of your shoes. Masking tape is preferable, as it is easy to remove. Typically, tape is cut to size after being placed on the bottom of shoes so that it goes undetected on the runway. The show coordinator or client will let you know if you need to tape the shoes you’ll be wearing.

3. Prepare to the max

Unless told otherwise, models should arrive with their hair and makeup ready. Strong unscented antiperspirant or deodorant is recommended. Try to avoid wearing fragrances in any form. Allow ample time for parking and finding your way around a building to ensure that you will be on time.

Once you have arrived, line up your shoes and accessories. Unzip and unbutton your clothes so you can change quickly. Keep your shoes and accessories appropriately paired with their outfits.

4. Play it safe

The only liquid you should bring is bottled water. The last thing you want to risk is soiling the clothes you are presenting.

5. Clothing first

If you are in a rush between runs, always put your clothes on before swapping out jewelry or making changes to your hairstyle. In a worst case scenario, the latter two can be omitted.

6. Don’t try to hide damage

Notify the person in charge if you accidentally damage your clothes. Hiding it will make matters worse down the road.

7. Be responsible

Clean up your area after the show, hang your clothes, and keep the shoes and accessories well organized. Don’t forget to thank the client for the opportunity!

Post your best fashion show tips below!

Photo credit: Shapoch’ka and Andy Houghton