Miroslav Petrov Gives Laidback Luke Super Style

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There goes our hero – Miroslav Petrov of Bulgaria has won Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane‘s seal of approval along with our awesome Talenthouse Creative Invite! The design he submitted will be created for Laidback Luke to wear to his Super You&Me party on Governor’s Island in June 2012′s. Miroslav will also be in attendance, and we’re sure the pictures will be out of this world.

In addition to adding ‘Superhero Costume Design Extraordinaire’ to his resume, Miroslav will be invited to the Super You&Me party where Laidback Luke will wear his costume, travel and two nights’ accommodation for him and one guest included. He will also have his design featured on Laidback Luke, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane’s social media channels and receive exclusive signed merchandise from Laidback Luke, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane.

The highest voted costume designer was Killer Bee Super Hero of Canada! For their quirky design they will be rewarded with social media exposure from Laidback Luke, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane, along with exclusive signed merchandise from Laidback Luke, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane.

Congratulations to Miroslav and Killer Bee Super Hero! We can’t wait to see how the party went. We’d like to give a big warm thank you to our judges!

This has been one of our most exciting invites of 2012 but we’re not through yet. Thanks for letting Laidback Luke be your muse and submitting your fantastic designs.

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