5 Pinterest-ing Tools for Fashion Publicists

For those of us on Pinterest, the social media scrapbooking site is a mecca for finding and sharing fabulous fashion, awesome DIY ideas, cool event-planning designs and everything in between. Being a member of the impressive Pinterest community not only lets you reap the benefits of being a part of such a great group of creators and innovators, but also provides an opportunity to network and display your personal brand to potential colleagues and employers.

And with the help of these five new, innovative tools working with Pinterest, your horizons — or should I say boards — just got a whole lot broader.

Pin It to Your Facebook

While it may not be the most professional medium to post your pins and creations, Facebook does have its benefits. Usually a free-for-all of TMI and embarrassing photos, you can utilize Facebook as a tool for your personal branding through posting and publicizing your designs to friends, colleagues and family.

Pinvolve is a handy website that helps Pinterest and Facebook users link their two profiles together, making it easier for designers and their fans to keep up with different boards and pins through a Facebook tab. A pro-version of Pinvolve offers a tab of all of your pins, a branded header and a “Follow me on Pinterest” button.

Not Your Average Lyst

Consider this something like social media’s version of eBay. Describing themselves as a social shopping site, Lyst lets users follow their favorite designers, boutiques, bloggers, stylists and whatever else to get their latest updates in users’ stylefeeds, allowing them to stay in-the-know about hot trends and upcoming sales.

It’s worth getting in touch to make sure clients are a part of this opportunity to drive sales.

Recently, Lyst has launched a new tool to notify Pinterest users whenever a certain item of clothing they pinned goes on sale. Once a user links their Pinterest account to Lyst, they’ll be notified instantly of sale alerts on any and all products they’ve “pinned” or “repinned” from the plethora of international fashion retailers Lyst has partnered with. Along with this, whenever someone “pins” a piece of clothing from a store, Lyst will notify the user if the item is available elsewhere.

“It’s worth getting in touch to make sure clients are a part of this opportunity to drive sales,” said Crosby Noricks, fashion publicist and blogger behind PR Couture.

Drive-By Shopping

Recently, mega-popular app Zoomingo has launched a Pinterest version of its location-centered shopping app that lets shoppers find the most wallet-friendly and fashion-savvy sales in their area. It categorizes and tracks items on Pinterest, letting shoppers browse, search and filter through items by store, brand, price and keywords.

Polyvore Pinning

[lquote]Invite followers to use the tool and then pin mood boards around seasonal looks.[/lquote]If you’re a whiz at putting trendy and fun outfits together on Polyvore, then you’ll love Bazaart! Presently in closed Beta, Bazaart offers Pinterest users the ability to cut and paste pins together to create a Polyvore-like collage showcasing their own designs, style and creations.

“For a fun social media campaign, invite followers to use the tool and then pin mood boards around seasonal looks,” suggested Noricks.

Tabbing Up Your Pins’ Success

Ever wonder how well you’re getting your message across your boards? Don’t worry, Pinerly is here to help. With a mission statement of aiding other Pinterest users create traffic to their respective sites, Pinerly is a Pinterest management program that analyzes and provides insight on how successful your pins are doing.

In doing this, it helps and makes it easier for you to compare links and click-throughs, likes and re-pins. Pinerly also suggests popular and trending items to pin, suggests followers and provides data on how to utilize Pinterest for business and marketing.

What are some your tips for effective virtual personal branding?