Associated Excellence: Aliane Alves, Winner of IAA UK’s Design Invite

[cquote]Traveling on a budget requires creative thinking, which is always useful when trying to come up with new design ideas![/cquote]

Aliane visiting the Temple de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain.

Talenthouse member Aliane Alves is a well-traveled wielder of paintbrushes and professional graphics alike, so it’s logical that with a bit of effort she’d end up contributing to more than one global alliance. As the Winner of the International Advertising Association Invite from Talenthouse, Aliane’s design will be prominently displayed for the IAA’s annual Summer Ball in London – a magnet for world-class advertising professionals looking to network.

We caught up with Aliane to discuss her winning submission plus her ever-mobile equilibrium of work, art and travel. Enjoy viewing examples of her compensated creativity – along with a music video spliced with Aliane’s rocking interior design – as we exchange notions with this intercontinental artisan.

TH: What motivated your IAA UK submission and which techniques did you use to create it?
Aliane: This was the first time I used Talenthouse and I think the IAA submission caught my eye in particular as it was focusing on the upcoming London Olympics and required a logo redesign which interested me too… Thinking about sport, movement and dynanism were the first things that came to my mind so I tried to incorporate this into my final design.

Aliane combines her knowledge of marketing with graphic design.

TH: You are a genuine globetrotter, having lived in China, Argentina, Ireland and currently Scotland, while also having worked with various companies in Brazil and Europe. Could you give us some examples of how the arts from these regions might guide your artistry?
Aliane: I have always loved the freedom of travelling! Whether this be freedom to try new things in life or design, it has the same power… the more I have travelled the more I have realised that art is a subjective thing… something that has value in China might not be considered valuable in Ireland necessarly and visa versa…also, travelling on a budget requires creative thinking, which is always useful when trying to come up with new design ideas!

TH: What else inspires you when creating your works?
Aliane: It really depends on what I am creating… when I am designing something new, after I have thought about the initial themes that I’d like to bring in, I like to let my mind wander a little… so sometimes that inspiration can come from people in my life or experiences I have had… or sometimes it might just be from something I saw on TV or online!

TH: How did you begin your career in graphic design and what are some of your favorite design projects thus far?
Aliane: Going back to the question about travelling…I began my career in marketing, but I started graphic design as a way to fund my travels. It allows me to be reasonably mobile while also doing what I love… In terms of favourite projects, this one would have to be up there as I think it is an amazing opportunity which has come at the right time!

Aliane's portfolio includes everything from flyers to album covers and webpage designs.

TH: In addition to graphic design, what are your favorite forms of artistic expression?
Aliane: In my spare time I like to paint… I think it is one of the simplest forms of expression and a great way to create something original. I also like the way that as hard as you try, you never really know how your piece is going to turn out…a little like life!

TH: Can you describe the circumstances that lead to the entertaining combination of art, design, film and music featured below?
Aliane: When I have a free day, I sometimes like to do something to relax… personally I really relax when I am creating something so the video is a mixture of free time, art, music and fun and I guess I just wanted to show this in the video.

TH: What are some of your dream projects for the future (besides this Talenthouse collaboration, naturally)?
Aliane: Firstly I think Talenthouse is a great way for creatives like myself to get some recognition and payback for our craft! As I mentioned, I’d probably still be designing if I wasn’t getting paid…but doing something that you like is even better if you get paid for it! As far as dreams… I am moving to London in August and for now I just want to get a good job in graphic design or marketing…

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Kudos on this recent victory, Aliane – and all the best in your upcoming creative quests. We look forward to your future submissions!