The Infamous DKMTR Proves ‘Untouchable’ for Dragonette

Dragonette fans everywhere will soon be hearing the sounds of The Infamous DKMTR! DKMTR has been declared the winner of our Creative Invite with the indie pop trio and will not only attend one of their shows, but meet Martina, Dan and Joel.

DKMTR’s version of “Untouchable” made from Dragonette’s lyrics set to his music, will become the official b-side to Dragonette’s next single. “I’m traditionally an emcee not a pop artist, so I found making this piece uniquely refreshing,” he commented.

DKMTR is a multi-talented artist from New York, United States who is not only a hip-hop producer, but a graphic designer who creates fine art.

“I create dope art. My aim is to freely and honestly express myself and my vision, whether it’s dope hip hop beats, dropping rhymes on music, drawings, painting and other visual art,” he writes on his Talenthouse profile.

As his top 5 influences, he’s listed his inner muse, family and friends, New York City (specifically Brooklyn and Queens), various forms of art and music, and “the legends that came before me.”

Giosue Salonia of Ontario, Canada claimed the People’s Choice Award and will receive two tickets to a Dragonette show of his choice along with it. The musician embraces a variety of genres and, in turn, produces a variety of music ranging from electronic to hip hop.

[lquote]I really tried to get into this artists head when reading the lyrics to this track.[/lquote]
He cites jazz, hip hop, indie, electro, country, folk and oldies as influences, and his list of artistic influences range from Louis Armstrong and Andrea Boccelli to Drake and Shania Twain.

Of his submission, he wrote: “I really tried to get into this artists head when reading the lyrics to this track. I gave it that Electronic Dubstep feel to it. This is what my version of the song “Untouchable” sounds and feels like.”

We hope you guys have a blast at the Dragonette shows! A big thank you to everyone who submitted.

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