Inbal Hoffman Will Party with Fraggle Rock

Inbal Hoffman submitted a magnificent design for our Creative Invite with Fraggle Rock, and as the winner, she’s in for the time of her life. She’ll be treated to a private four of the Jim Henson Company and attend the Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary party in Los Angeles.

Through his Muppets, Jim Henson inspired me as an artist and also as a person.

Oh yeah, and she’ll receive $2500 and have her designed produced elements of Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary merchandise line, which will be promoted and sold in their online store.

We’re glad to see such a huge Henson fan win this CI! Inbal, a contemporary artist from Israel, ¬†wrote, “From him [Jim Henson], I learned never to stop chasing your dreams, and also, equally important, not to take anything too seriously and always be able to see the amusing in any hardship.”

Through my design, I want to give the stage to the characters of the show, but not in a nostalgic or childish manner, I want it to be current, up to date, fresh design that can appeal to the young people of today as well as to the young at heart.
At the end of the day, I wanted to create something that will captivate the fun essence of the show, while being visually attractive to fans of all ages.

The Henson Company also named 8 runners-up who will be acknowledged through their very own feature on and Henson’s Facebook, $500 and a framed copy of their work.

Nick Bondra of the United States impressed our voters and nabbed the People’s Choice award. He will receive a feature on and Henson’s Facebook, $500 and a framed copy of his work.

His Talenthouse profile reads,”I like to do fan art too… just cuz, ya know, someone has to.”

Sounds like a match made in heaven for Fraggle Rock! He also enjoys illustrations, mostly fantasy comic book related.

I did a group shot of the five main fraggles in traditional media ( markers, colored pencil and some paint ) as that’s how I usually work. I wanted to give it a feel of some of the 1980s Fraggle Rock storybook illustrations and merchandising graphics mostly because I feel that sort of thing is more fun to look at and collect. I also wanted to give them a bit more personality so they feel more real.

We love our artists for pulling together fantastic work and setting the bar higher everytime! Thanks to all who submitted.

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