Zack Hanni to Play Starry Nights

Cage the Elephant and the people have spoken. Zack Hanni aka Somaaa is the favorite of both tribes in our Creative Invite, and we’re pleased to announce he’ll be performing at Starry Nights Festival in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

The Tennesseean dance/electronic producer, who was also the highest voted musician, will enjoy a meet and greet with Cage the Elephant at the festival. He’s been producing for about 5 years and his specialty is Electro House. Check him out on Soundcloud.

Cage the Elephant said:
[cquote]We picked Somaaa because his remix was fantastic, and because the people chose him. We were also so excited to hear that he lives in TN, because we want to celebrate the great music in the region. We can’t wait to see what he brings to his DJ set![/cquote]

Congratulations Zack! We know you’ll shine when your moment takes place.

Thanks to all who submitted! We respect your work and hope to hear more soon.

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