Pamella Moo Will Meet The Kinks in London

It’s another day, another adventure over here at Talenthouse. We’re pleased to announce that Pamella Moo will spend a day at Konk Studios in London, where she’ll meet frontman Ray Davies and drummer Mick Avory of the iconic British Invasion band The Kinks!

The Kinks invited musicians to interpret any of their tracks, so long as it expressed the musician’s creativity and originality. Pamella’s video cover of “Sunny Afternoon” wowed Ray, who will help Pamella produce her track on their big day.

Pamella and her team said of their submission:

[lquote]It was all about team effort and being creative.[/lquote]

We chose this song because musically it sounds great and story wise it is fun and melancholy. We kept the traditional stamp of the guitars and added some up tempo beats to create a dance version of this song. Making the video was a laugh indeed.

I look forward to the vocal arrangements especially the harmonies which The Kinks used a lot of-they sound sweet! It would be interesting to recreate the beats, mix up a classic beat with the jumpy bass. Lives drums would bring the warmth back into the track.

The runner-up was Tom Shemerr of the band The Damn Truth, who covered “Yes Sir No Sir” in their submission.

Tom said, “We love the Kinks and the truth is that this was just the perfect stage for us to share with the world what we consider a masterpiece song. The support from the Kinks fans is unreal and we are so humbled by it. Even Dave Davies sent me a few e-mails saying how much he likes the band and the cover.”

[lquote]Thank you so much for giving us the stage to do this![/lquote]

The Damn Truth just released their album Dear in the Headlights, which is available on iTunes. Also check them out on Facebook.

Cara Braia and Dan Guyton were the two highest-voted artists.

Cara is a singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist who covered “You Really Got Me.” She also acts, dances and produces music.

Dan performed a medley of Kinks songs with his band Fake Obsession. The medley consists of the songs ‘You Really Got Me,’ ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ and ‘Lola.’

Thank you to all who submitted, and for your patience with the announcement! The Kinks fans in our office couldn’t stop listening to your music. Stay tuned for another announcement about the two runners-up.

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