Meetup Palo Alto

Hosted by Artilinki & Talenthouse

Thursday, July 12, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PT)

542 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94301

Art, Creators, Networking, Discussion & Drinks

For the first time in the United States, Artilinki is collaborating with Talenthouse for a very special event on Thursday, July 12 in Palo Alto, CA.

Organized in 20 world capitals, Artilinki has developed a series of events that incorporate networking, artist showcases, workshops and co-working to debate across many creative spheres targeted towards creatives from all backgrounds from professional to beginner, a platform to promote networking, recruitment, and collaboration among participants.

Come join us for a great evening celebrating creativity!

Drinks and snacks will be served.

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6pm : Opening doors
6pm – 7:30pm : Networking, Drinks & Snacks
7:30pm – 8:30pm : Showcases (5 min talk and 5 min Q/A)
8:30pm – 10pm : DJ Set Live


Pabi – Artist / Denmark

“In my artwork I always seek to integrate my personal experiences from interacting with new people, cultures, environments or societies. Painting gives me the freedom of being the creator of my own vision. It is crucial to my creation process to be able to lose control of my material, and then win back the power. Much like reality. This brings an organic dynamism and unexpected correlations to my work. The road to completion of an art piece is not predictable, but will lead in many directions. With skill, vision, and coincidence, upon completion of a piece I often find that I have created something much more enriched than I initially had visualized. A process best described as serendipity. I do not believe in simplicity. I believe that everything is connected in a very complex and infinitely ramified world. In my artwork I use a mix of different elements such as humans, animals, nature, machines and technology. My paintings become systems and phenomena at the same time, in which the mix of known and unknown figures come to life and live and breed with and from each other. Everything is connected; nothing exists alone or can survive on its own. I constantly try to challenge our universal understanding of modern life. My most recent work involves antique medical posters. I believe they carry a universal truth of scientific knowledge. They symbolize the cornerstones of the human body and ecological systems we are a part of. Integrated within the images I tell stories about human behavior and discuss issues related to modern society and systems we are all active or passive in everyday. I draw connections between the inner and outer facets of these elements. I create a holistic picture of a complex and integrated modern world based on historical and scientific facts. My next ambitious project will connect me as an artist to the newest science technology. I want to print my own skin, paint with my own blood to create an art piece with my DNA. In this manner I can fuse the art with the artist. I have huge expectations for the project, because it will bring a new dimension to the way we understand ourselves as physical humans.”Pabi

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Wolf Price – Filmmaker / Palo Alto, California

Raised by photographers in Silicon Valley, Wolf decided at the age of 16 that he would explore the world. His goal: to walk a unique path while seeking influence from elders and other teachers. At that young age, he was awarded the prestigious California Arts Scholar of 2003 award for video, which garnered him a full scholarship to California State Summer School for the Arts. In 2011 Wolf received a 501c3 sponsorship through Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation ( Wolf recently crowd-sourced enough funds to shoot for ten weeks in the Nepalese countryside. Featuring Nepali women and their on-going struggle for education and exposure to technology, the footage is both tragic and breathtakingly beautiful. Wolf Price has spent the last 8 years developing educational media and volunteering for social organizations. Through a broad range of progressive multimedia, as well as living a lifestyle that leads by example, he hopes to inspire people to dream big.

For his Nepal film, Wolf travelled to Nepal 7 times in the last 7 years. During that time he documented the evolving status of Nepali women. The aim of the film, says Price, “is to shed light into a variety of subjects. Primarily the realities of women’s struggles in Nepal which are very complex, sometimes progressive but often horrific. I would like the film to connect the viewer with these people and show their lifestyles and exceptional spirit.” He also “would like to demonstrate what can be done by one person about these types of problems”. The project began with a $500 donation, which enabled Price “to host a party for all 60 wives from a small village near Kathmandu.”

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ZERO1 / San Jose, California

ZERO1 is where art meets technology to shape the future. As a 21st century arts nonprofit, ZERO1 works with some of the world’s most fertile and creative minds from the fields of art, science, design, architecture, and technology to produce the ZERO1 Biennial, an international showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology. ZERO1 is also the force behind the ZERO1 Garage, where principles of artistic creativity are applied to real world innovation challenges. Part incubator, part research lab, part think tank, the ZERO1 Garage informs strategies for research, development, and creativity. To find out more about ZERO1, visit

The ZERO1 Biennial, distributed throughout Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area, is North America’s most significant showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology. Through curated exhibitions, public art installations, performances, and speaker events the ZERO1 Biennial presents work by a global community of innovative artists who are reshaping contemporary culture. This year the ZERO1 Biennial showcases work by nearly one hundred contemporary artists who will challenge our notions of place and identity as they investigate the role Silicon Valley has played in changing the ways we work, live, and communicate globally. The ZERO1 Biennial will fill the streets of downtown San Jose September 14-16 and full programming will go from September 12th- December 8th.

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Talenthouse is the most influential online community of artists and creators, bringing aspiring talent and industry icons together to cultivate conversations and campaigns across the web. Artists always keep ownership of their own work using Talenthouse as a platform to make connections that drive their careers forward. Brands and advertisers use our Sponsored Engagement Engine (SEE) to work with artists while leveraging their original content and influence across and beyond the social web. It’s at Talenthouse that artists and brands engage to build an authentic community that rewards creativity and unlocks the value of collaboration.

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Artilinki is a dynamic international social network for artists and their community of followers and curators, already featured in 165 countries and translated into 13 languages. In order to provide immediate access to their newest services, Artilinki is launching a mobile application. They have already been awarded the best mobile phone application in both the multimedia and geo-location categories in Europe. They also hold a U.S. patent for this application. They are set to launch “Artilinki Meet’Ups” in 20 world capitals. These networking events are meant to connect artists, organizations, and art connoisseurs through social networks, performances, showcases, and workshops. Artilinki – connecting the artistic community the world over.

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