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Featured Artist: Rocketboy

Sait Kavalci, AKA Rocketboy, is a DJ and producer from Germany. I came across his remix for the NERVO and Hook N Sling Creative Invite and enjoyed his take as it’s understated but true to the original. I liked what I heard, so I got in touch to find out more about the guy behind […]

DSharp Naturally Impresses at D11

All Things D’s conference D11 is where movers and shakers, thought-leaders and innovators in technology go to connect, network, motivate and inspire. It’s only natural then that someone like Derryck Gleaton, known on stage as DSharp, would get picked to play the conference. The winner of May’s Creative Invite, he combines the classic with the contemporary, […]

Featured Artist: Akshay Chowdhry

Funny how things can come around again after a bit. I had been perusing different entries for the recent Creative Invite featuring Eric Clapton‘s Guitar Symphony and came across this entry by Akshay Chowdhry. I was impressed by his interpretation of “Cocaine,” which showcased his skills on the guitar, so I got in touch with […]

Benga’s Remix Winners Chosen

Benga invited DJs and producers to give his song “Forefather” a new sound. Featuring Kano spitting rapid fire over the beat, the single doesn’t let up and its deceptive simplicity is a challenge not to blow up. But the winners proved more than capable. Winner Kev Willow drops this awesome remix. He knew that dealing […]

Jason van Genderen: Big Win, Small Camera

We live in a time when technology has become smaller and smaller, cheaper and more accessible, ubiquitous. Many people use the tiny supercomputers in their pockets to merely consume information or entertainment and don’t bother creating much with it at all. Others do, however. Jason van Genderen sees the tiny tech of smartphone cameras as […]