Interview With Moose, Inventor of “Reverse Graffiti”

Curated from Written by Modern Hieroglyphics  Paul Curtis (Moose) uses a powerwasher to remove dirt and grime off of walls, resulting in the creation of stunning images and patterns. The new art form is known as “reverse graffiti” or “clean tagging,” ... Continue Reading

African Serengeti waterfall

Featured Photographer: joSon

Recently the name joSon was brought to my attention and my interest quickly grew as I researched his artwork. But what equally intrigued me was his upbringing and what led him to become a photographer, as well as the point ... Continue Reading


TYCHO: When Talents Collide

by Cory Judge Finding the one thing that we are great at or have the most passion for is easy for some and difficult for others.  There are those that know right away what they are meant to do in ... Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.34.01

Featured musician: Tara Carosielli

Alluring vocals leave you wanting more! From the first time we heard the soprano vocals mixed with r’n’b of London based singer/songwriter Tara Carosielli we knew this talented singer was one to watch… So if you’re unaware of Tara, it’s about time ... Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.58.13

Featured musician: Lauren Faith

Crazy… Sexy… Cool… Lauren Faith has a unique quality and talent, her subtle sultry tones, lyrics and musical arrangements make her tracks stand out. Originally from London but moved to Derby when she was 8 years old, Lauren was shortlisted for 2014′ ... Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.55.13

Featured musician: Moonrags

A Great Act With Smooth Jazz Vocals & Electro Beats Moonrags are an electronic duo consisting of Geoff doing Guitar & production and Cari on vocals. The duo, who are based in London, have been combining their love of house ... Continue Reading

James Zabiela and his techno toys

Go Inside Top NYC Nightclubs with Photographer Chris Pearce

Chris Pearce, also known as Pearcey Proper, is a full time freelance event photographer based in New York City. Not only is he the resident photographer at Marquee nightclub, he also takes on projects in television, film, red carpet and corporate ... Continue Reading


Featured Artist: Thomas Geoffrey Patrick Ball

Thomas Geoffrey Patrick Ball is a UK-based illustrator with a unique style all his own and a wealth of neat experiences, not the least of which has been becoming a selected artist for Talenthouse. His illustration “Woodland” (seen above) caught ... Continue Reading


Couch Surfing with Guy Valarino

Guy Valarino moved from Gibraltar to London to play more gigs in venues popular amongst unsigned artists. The crowds at these gigs was generally made up of real music lovers out to enjoy and discover new music. Alongside these gigs ... Continue Reading

jason basset FI

Featured Photographer: Jason Bassett

Jason Bassett began his career as a photo-editor for models in high school. At 23 years old Jason channeled all of his energy into becoming a professional photographer and has since worked with some of his idols. We caught up ... Continue Reading


Featured Photographer: Dustin Stevenson

Dustin Stevenson’s golden-tinged image of the American heartland (seen above) caught our eye, so we asked him a few questions about what got him started as a photographer. Take a look at his answers, and his advice for photographers just ... Continue Reading


Listen Out For Kalablanx’s ’5 AM’ Remix on Rinse FM

In October 2013 Kalablanx, also known as Garry McCarthy, submitted his remix to our Katy B Featured Invite catching the attention of Katy B and Rinse FM founder, Geeneus. Kalablanx draws on trap and hip-hop influences that come across in ... Continue Reading


Featured Artist: Becky Doyon

An impressive number of submissions entered into our Featured Invites led us to notice graphic designer Becky Doyon and we’re glad she surfaced on our radar. Her horror-inspired graphic designs and unique illustrations highly impressed our team. We caught up with Becky ... Continue Reading


Featured Artist: Deanna Kennedy

You might remember seeing Deanna Kennedy‘s work when she became the selected artist for our Creative Invite with luxury menswear brand Ada + Nik for their Autumn/Winter 14-15 collection. Her Greco-Roman punk inspired submission blew us away and Deanna was awarded ... Continue Reading

kleenex blogpic

Now in Stores! Selected Artists’ Kleenex® Box Designs

In April 2013 the UK’s most loved tissue brand, Kleenex, hosted Featured Invite giving artists and designers the chance to create trendy, unique and innovative box designs to be sold online and in stores across the country. They are now ... Continue Reading

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