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Instructional Video – Design an Ad for Morgan Motor Company

Sean Young, Worldwide Segment Manager, Product Development & AEC at Hewlett-Packard (HP), has created an instructional video for designers breaking down the submission process for our Design an Ad for Morgan Motor Company creative invite. Check it out:     [actionbox url="" button="Share Your Moment"]Design an advertisement for Morgan Motor Company[/actionbox]

#BeMyBand: Note-by-Note Orianthi Concert Review

On February 14, 2014, Orianthi took the stage at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA along with a brand new band of musical all-stars selected from her #BeMyBand Talenthouse creative invite. Guest contributor Cory Judge provides a blow-by-blow, note-by-note review of the unforgettable event.    Introduction Easy on the eyes, and equipped with blazing fast […]

Accessory Power

Never underestimate the power of an accessory. Designers, stylists and fashionistas all agree that accessories define style. They make a big statement about personality, taste and preferences. So much so, in fact, that the same outfit or space can be completely transformed with the magic of accessories. Whether you’re a business professional or a night […]

Do you know what #Autographyis

We all know that size is no indication of power and that’s certainly true of The Autographer. The potential of this discrete and stylish wearable tech camera has blown us away. With its 136-°©‐degree wide-°©‐angle lens, Autographer can take an average of up to 2,000 images per day depending on user-°©‐defined sensitivity settings. It can […]

FAQs – Design an Advertisement for Morgan Motor Company

View Featured Invite Details Answers by Marion Landry Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk Autodesk® 3ds® Max Design & Autodesk Showcase® Expert   Table of contents 1. Technical Information 2. Contest Logistics Download PDF version   1. Technical Information 1.1 What size should I output my render from the selected software? You should set the render to be […]

#LIVEYOURDREAM: The Recap – Kali Rea’s Life-Changing Week in Los Angeles

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Dare to dream. Dreams DO come true. In October, we invited music artists to submit Talenthouse portfolios to our #LiveYourDream invite for a chance to win an opportunity-packed trip to Los Angeles. Kali Rea from Colorado was one of many talented musicians who turned to Talenthouse […]

Real or Rendered? Modeling Artists and the Advertising Industry

In recent years, the advertising industry’s quest to cut costs has opened up opportunities for 3D modeling artists. Known as product renderings or product visualizations, realistic digital representations of consumer goods are especially popular in architectural and automotive marketing. The Morgan Motor Company offers a chance to prove your rendering skills in one of our latest featured […]