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Fundamental Tips For Filmmakers Working With Actors in Your Project

"Blood & Chocolate" full cast meeting by alh1

By Adam Edgar Filmmakers know that from the beginning of a project’s inception there are nearly five billion tasks and elements to keep track of and control. Because of the staggering complexity of the filmmaking process, there are occasionally some elements that get overlooked…until they become a problem. This is especially common with the “talent” […]

Produce a Mini-Documentary Film with Prime & Fire Selected Artist & Finalists

eric Koston

The creative invite to produce a mini-documentary film with Prime & Fire has come to an amazing end with tons of unbelievable stories told. Talented filmmakers from all over the world submitted awesome entries that made it that much more difficult for the judge to choose a selected artist. With an incredible pitch and story […]

Working it: How to Pay Rent & Get Your Foot in the Door of the Film industry

film time board

By Adam Edgar As with any artistic endeavor, until we find our audience, or win the lotto with some overnight success, we have the small details like “rent” and “feeding ourselves” to keep tabs on. This can be a challenge in improving and progressing in an artistic career, as it often takes our energy off […]

Featured Artist Alejandra Sáenz

Diosa Eclíptica by Alejandra Sáenz

Young artist Alejandra Sáenz has managed to capture the essence of beauty and the occult throughout her paintings. This freelance graphic designer and illustrator was originally from Venezuela but now currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spends most of her time listening to music, reading, watching movies and TV series shows, and of course drawing […]

Essential Tips to Help Indie Designers Succeed in the Fashion Industry

With the huge amount of start-up designers entering the fray it can be a challenge for independent designers to get attention in the marketplace. By perfecting your personal business strategies and following these tips, you can rise above the rest and get noticed. Stay true to your style To get noticed in the industry, it […]

Featured Artist Jenkins2d A.K.A Johnny Duncan


The crazy mind of an artistic pizza fanatic currently resides in New Braunfels, Texas. The works of Johnny Duncan are an amazing kaleidoscopic clash of colors that creates creatures from the inter-most depths of his mind. The vibrant contrast of colors in his designs demand to be looked and stared at, creating a nostalgic trip to your childhood. The […]

Tips for Promoting Your Photos on Instagram


By Kafi With over 150 million users, Instagram is today’s fastest-growing social media network and a powerful marketing tool for visual artists in our Talenthouse community. Put the ART in smART phone with these tips for promoting your Instagram photos. “Ask yourself, does this image communicate something interesting about me as an artist or prove my talent?” Quality Control You’re beautiful, we […]