Interview With Mose, Inventor of “Reverse Graffiti”

Curated from Written by Modern Hieroglyphics  Paul Curtis (Moose) uses a powerwasher to remove dirt and grime off of walls, resulting in the creation of stunning images and patterns. The new art form is known as “reverse graffiti” or “clean tagging,” ... Continue Reading

African Serengeti waterfall

Featured Photographer: joSon

Recently the name joSon was brought to my attention and my interest quickly grew as I researched his artwork. But what equally intrigued me was his upbringing and what led him to become a photographer, as well as the point ... Continue Reading


All EYES ON ME: 5 tips for finding and building an audience for your independent film

By Adam Edgar It goes without saying that the process of filmmaking can be a monumental, complicated, and at times overwhelming task. There are so many moving parts and pieces – from writing, to finding talent, to the bare bones ... Continue Reading

Blog - 47Ronin

Finding Inspiration: a Conversation With 47 Ronin Selected Artist Andrzej Kuziola

By Adam Edgar  Congratulations to Andrzej Kuziola for being chosen as the selected artist by the 47 Ronin team! Check out his interview below. TH: How did you get involved with the Talenthouse 47 Ronin character design invite? Andrzej Kuziola: Thanks to a friend, I ... Continue Reading


Funding Your Creativity: 5 Great Alternatives to Kickstarter

Post by Adam Edgar, image by Rocío Lara It’s no secret that that life of an artist, in any of its many forms, is often difficult to pay for.  Whether we’re trying to get a short film shot, an album produced, ... Continue Reading


Presently Happy – What Happiness Means to You

by Cory Judge Today is the International Day of Happiness (20 March). Happiness…what is it exactly? It’s a quest that each of strive to achieve every day, and all around the world people are searching for its meaning and relevance. What ... Continue Reading

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Top Ten Tips on Forming a Band

by Nick Ford-Young After a bit of private practice, you’re ready to get out of the bedroom, find some musicians and get into the rehearsal studios. Here are our Meet and Jam Top Ten Tips on Forming a Band. 1. Find musicians It’s crucial ... Continue Reading

Rejected - blog post


by Cory Judge “No,No,No,No,No.”  No, this isn’t honoring a chorus of everyone’s most adored trio, Destiny’s Child, but honoring words that U2, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Tim Burton, Gertrude Stein, Kurt Vonnegut, and many, many more had to swallow before we ... Continue Reading

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Happy 25th Birthday Internet

We’re a young tech business. Most of the team here cannot remember a time before the internet. So, being an oldie, it’s only right that I share a few memories from the day the internet was born. So, what can ... Continue Reading

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Talenthouse Talks: Sir John Hegarty (Exclusive)

On Wednesday 26th February our team took to Bogle Bartle Hegarty (BBH) to interview advertising god and owner of BBH, Sir John Hegarty. We quizzed Sir John on what role photography has played in advertising during his reign and found ... Continue Reading


Four Tips to Get Noticed in the Fashion World

The fashion industry is an ultra competitive and cut-throat world, and standing out is always a challenge.  To make your work stand out, take advantage of a few of the most effective ways to make a name for yourself in ... Continue Reading


5 Reasons Why Art Creates Happiness

From scoring a winning goal to being kissed for the first time, our lives are enriched by simple moments of happiness everyday.  Talenthouse recently invited creatives worldwide to Capture a Moment of Happiness in the form of a short video ... Continue Reading


Top Ten Tips for a Great Jam

Check out Jamie Millard of Meet and Jam‘s great advice for amping up your next jam session:   So you’ve found who you’re going to jam with, you’ve booked your studio, all your gear is in working order – what ... Continue Reading


Graphic Designer Ben Whitesell Shares His Keys For Success

Talenthouse caught up with community member and accomplished graphic designer Ben Whitesell recently to see what he’s been up to since his entry into our Featured Invite with the Dave Matthews Band was chosen as the selected submission. Read on to learn ... Continue Reading


Five Tips Every Artist/Entrepreneur Needs to Know

We stumbled across vlogger Shameless Maya‘s creative tips on YouTube and just had to share her great reminder of 5 things every artist/entrepreneur should aspire to do: Be unique Expose yourself to different cultures Collaborate with other artists/individuals Work hard, hustle harder ... Continue Reading

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