Coachella Spotlights Talenthouse Collaborators

The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is fast approaching and drawing one of its biggest lineups in history, featuring many members of our own Talenthouse community! This years Coachella music festival runs from April 11-13, 2014 for Weekend ... Continue Reading

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Kaveer Rai learns a thing or two from Stephen Alvarez

Kaveer Rai started taking photos seven years ago when his father bought him a handycam. From stills to family videos, Kaveer found self discovery and identification through his photography. On submitting to the Nokia & National Geographic Creative Invite, Kaveer ... Continue Reading

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Introducing #oneshot photographer Elliot Jones

Last night team Talenthouse headed to the TOPMAN General Store in east London for the Josh Stika x Boxfresh SS14 capsule collection launch of ‘Fruit Cocktail’. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Boxfresh are hosting a series of events supporting emerging ... Continue Reading

Bob Sinclar

Photographer Jason Bassett

We already featured Jason on our blog and talked to him about his passion – photography. Recently we took another chance to interview Jason after being selected by Bob Sinclar in his Cinderella-inspired photography Creative Invite. The brief was open for ... Continue Reading

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Finding Inspiration: a Conversation With 47 Ronin Selected Artist Andrzej Kuziola

By Adam Edgar  Congratulations to Andrzej Kuziola for being chosen as the selected artist by the 47 Ronin team! Check out his interview below. TH: How did you get involved with the Talenthouse 47 Ronin character design invite? Andrzej Kuziola: Thanks to a friend, I ... Continue Reading

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10 Autography shots to make you smile

Today Autographer announce the 10 finalists from their Creative Invite on Talenthouse. Kick back and enjoy these beautiful, candid shots from photographers Abhishek Maji, Anca Bilt, Crystal Amaya, Francisco Salgueiro, James Wood, Jonathon Williams, Kiattikhoun Limmany, Lee Warren, Nimai Chandra ... Continue Reading


Korn Chooses Giuseppe Lama as Winning Artist

Talenthouse partnered with the Grammy-award winning, rock band Korn to celebrate the release of their new album The Paradigm Shift. We sent out a call for artists to submit their most hardcore designs for the chance to have their artwork ... Continue Reading

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Bite the Ballot: Instigating political change through art & photography

Bite the Ballot is a nonpartisan, not for profit organisation which seeks to inspire and engage young people to have their opinions heard by encouraging them to make informed decisions at the ballot box. In December 2013 Bite the Ballot ... Continue Reading

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Film for Snoovies

Love it or hate it April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day is one of the funniest of the non-traditional yet celebrated days in the calendar. It’s the day that the prankster in the pack looks forward to or last ... Continue Reading


The Who Made Their Pick, and the Winner Is…

Talenthouse received tons of amazing submissions to our recent Featured Invite partnering with the legendary rock band The Who to select a graphic design submission to be featured on a t-shirt representing the band and sold at Liam Gallagher’s fashion label, Pretty Green. ... Continue Reading


#BeMyBand: Orianthi’s New Band Ready to Rock L.A.

One day you’re chilling with friends in your hometown, the next you’re on your way to Hollywood to headline a concert with one of the world’s most prolific young musicians! That’s the magic of Talenthouse. This Friday, February 14, Orianthi will ... Continue Reading

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Meet our 52 Talenthouse Calendar Finalists

Talenthouse would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our 2014 Calendar Creative Invite. We’d like to give some love to our 52 finalists- check out their work below… “Octupus” By Suhan Theodor “Chopplin’ ... Continue Reading


Couch Surfing with Guy Valarino

Guy Valarino moved from Gibraltar to London to play more gigs in venues popular amongst unsigned artists. The crowds at these gigs was generally made up of real music lovers out to enjoy and discover new music. Alongside these gigs ... Continue Reading


Ewen Spencer tells photographers what he’s looking for in #OneShot

Ewen Spencer, we’re thrilled that you’re on the judging panel for our #oneshot creative invite. I’ll probably regret admitting this — but every weekend I was dressed head-to-toe in Moschino dancing in my Pat Cox loafers in Vauxhall, and your ... Continue Reading

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Meet the 12 Artists Behind our 2014 Calendar

Talenthouse is home to some of the best talent in the world. As a big ‘thank you’ to our clients for supporting creativity, we have curated a 2014 calendar. The ultimate goal is to remind our clients (Nokia, Coca-Cola, HP, ... Continue Reading

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