Spotify and Talenthouse Partner to Showcase the Power of Music

The #NowFeeling Creative Invites inspired over 400 entries including artworks and films, some of which were showcased at an exclusive Spotify exhibition in Shoreditch London, attended by leading creative industry executives. Here are some pictures from the night and read interviews with the winners: Zandrak and Sebastian Andersson. The Spotify team was thrilled with the fantastic quality and the […]

Meet DC Shoes Creative Invite Selected Artist, Highest Voted & Finalists

The news you have all been waiting for! Talenthouse is excited to announce the winners, finalists and highest voted for the Quiksilver DC Creative Invite with Talenthouse. Artists from around the world were invited to customise the new DC Trase Shoe for the chance that their design would be produced and sold by DC. This […]


Andreanne Germain

By Adam Edgar Film races create a fun, faced-paced forum for filmmakers to flex their creative muscle. Film festivals are great. They allow you to take a project you’ve crafted from start to finish over months, maybe even years, and showcase it before an audience. Although this is a worthwhile endeavor, what if you could […]

Top 5 Free (or nearly free) Alternatives to Photoshop

yellow flowers

By Adam Edgar For almost any visual art, from photography to graphic design and everything in between, there comes a time when images must be manipulated. For stylistic, practical, or aesthetic reasons, you’re going to need a program with the tools to tweak and finesse photos. And let’s face it, the king of these programs […]

Moxy Hotel’s Milan Creative Invite: Finalists and Community Choice Winner


Thank you to everyone that entered our Creative Invite with Moxy Hotel, offering visual artists the chance to become the Blank Canvas “Artist in Residence”, curating and designing work for the next Moxy Hotel. Creators across the world submitted their artworks and we are happy to announce three finalists, who will compete live at the Moxy […]

Screening Your Film On A Budget

film screening

By Adam Edgar With huge leaps in technology and distribution over the past 10 years, one could easily argue that this current epoch of indie filmmaking is glorious. Affordable camera rigs that shoot studio quality, social media fundraising, and simplified postproduction have made making a film possible for pretty much anyone who applies themselves. Getting […]

Social Media Week Los Angeles

SMW panoramic

The Talenthouse team had a great time visiting Social Media Week Los Angeles, where we had a chance to meet and greet our winners for Microsoft Creative Invites. With hundreds of attendees each day, the milieu of Social media gurus and experts created a truly amazing environment. Everyone was networking and making new friends with a passion for connectedness, […]

Meet Dracula Untold Creative Invite Judge Ramin Djawadi – the Emmy and Grammy Nominated Composer

The Talenthouse team had a great chance to talk to Ramin Djawadi, judge for the Remix “Dracula Untold” Creative Invite launched together with Universal Pictures. Ramin Djawadi (Music by) is revered for his melodic and memorable thematic scores. He is the three time Emmy® and Grammy® nominated composer, who challenges himself with each new project, selecting […]

Remix “Dracula Untold” for Universal Pictures

Calling all Producers, DJs, and music mixologists. Talenthouse launched an incredible music based Creative Invite to celebrate the release of the epic action-adventure film Dracula Untold. Contribute your superb production skills to remix “Dracula Untold”, the title track from the official movie score. This film is a whole new spin on the origin of one […]