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Snapping the Billabong Pipe Masters

In July 2013 Billabong came to Talenthouse in search of a photographer. The brief was to capture their ‘Dream in Colours’ concept for a once in a lifetime chance to snap the Billabong Pipe Masters event in Hawaii. Photographers were ... Continue Reading


Featured Fashion Designer: Eugenia Guinea

Talenthouse first noticed Eugenia through her submission to our Featured Invite with Whitney Port where her gorgeous design was voted as the People’s Choice entry. We recently caught up with the talented fashion design student to see what she is up ... Continue Reading

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Meet our 52 Talenthouse Calendar Finalists

Talenthouse would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our 2014 Calendar Creative Invite. We’d like to give some love to our 52 finalists- check out their work below… “Octupus” By Suhan Theodor “Chopplin’ ... Continue Reading


3 Artistic Contributions to Sochi

With only moments left till the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the world is eagerly anticipating what will surely be an epic display of athletic performances. But let’s not forget that artists play a central role in ... Continue Reading


5 Filmmaking Tips from David Fincher

What’s the difference between a film and a movie? What does directing a film have in common with eating a whale? Let director David Fincher, the man behind The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Social Network, enlighten you ... Continue Reading

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How to Become a Wealthy Artist – 6 Myths and Tips

For creatives, becoming wealthy is often seen as being at odds with our chosen artistic path. We’ve all heard the term “struggling artist.” In fact, we may jokingly use that very term to explain away the growing pile of bills ... Continue Reading

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Go Inside Top NYC Nightclubs with Photographer Chris Pearce

Chris Pearce, also known as Pearcey Proper, is a full time freelance event photographer based in New York City. Not only is he the resident photographer at Marquee nightclub, he also takes on projects in television, film, red carpet and corporate ... Continue Reading


Grammys Spotlights Talenthouse Collaborators

This year the Grammys continued its tradition of celebrating the most commercially successful performers on the planet, and the show’s star-studded roster included members of our very own Talenthouse community! P!nk’s Talenthouse Creative Invite challenged aspiring designers and photographers to ... Continue Reading


Images for Impact

Imagine the unimaginable. Think for a moment of a world without pictures. Assume that cameras were no more, that humanity had lost the power to document reality with images. Our lives would certainly be poorer, society drastically different, and history, ... Continue Reading


4 Ways Artists Boost Social Profiles with Instagram

Remember last year when Twitter started incorporating photos directly into your newsfeed? There was the obligatory outcry about brands bombarding their followers with ads, but Twitter didn’t back down, and now their more visual feeds are the new normal. It’s ... Continue Reading

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Graffiti & Photography: Capturing Ephemeral Street Art #oneshot

Article by guest contributor Lee Bofkin, co-founder of Global Street Art. When I heard that Boxfresh where looking for a photographer to capture the essence of youth culture, I knew street art would feature in their submissions. But street art ... Continue Reading


Featured Artist: Thomas Geoffrey Patrick Ball

Thomas Geoffrey Patrick Ball is a UK-based illustrator with a unique style all his own and a wealth of neat experiences, not the least of which has been becoming a selected artist for Talenthouse. His illustration “Woodland” (seen above) caught ... Continue Reading

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Accessory Power

Never underestimate the power of an accessory. Designers, stylists and fashionistas all agree that accessories define style. They make a big statement about personality, taste and preferences. So much so, in fact, that the same outfit or space can be ... Continue Reading


Couch Surfing with Guy Valarino

Guy Valarino moved from Gibraltar to London to play more gigs in venues popular amongst unsigned artists. The crowds at these gigs was generally made up of real music lovers out to enjoy and discover new music. Alongside these gigs ... Continue Reading

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Do you know what #Autographyis

We all know that size is no indication of power and that’s certainly true of The Autographer. The potential of this discrete and stylish wearable tech camera has blown us away. With its 136-°©‐degree wide-°©‐angle lens, Autographer can take an ... Continue Reading

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