Bite the Ballot: Instigating political change through art & photography

Bite the Ballot is a nonpartisan, not for profit organisation which seeks to inspire and engage young people to have their opinions heard by encouraging them to make informed decisions at the ballot box. In December 2013 Bite the Ballot launched a Creative Invite with Talenthouse in a bid to engage politically distant people through […]

Featured musician: Lauren Faith

Crazy… Sexy… Cool… Lauren Faith has a unique quality and talent, her subtle sultry tones, lyrics and musical arrangements make her tracks stand out. Originally from London but moved to Derby when she was 8 years old, Lauren was shortlisted for 2014′ BBC’s Introducing and has started to have her songs played on BBC’s 1Xtra. ‘Crazy Sexy […]

Film for Snoovies

Love it or hate it April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day is one of the funniest of the non-traditional yet celebrated days in the calendar. It’s the day that the prankster in the pack looks forward to or last year’s fool seeks to avenge their slightly bruised pride. Whatever your reason, Snoovies want it […]

Top Ten Tips for Recording a Great Sound

Advice from Harry Rutherford (Sound Engineer – Eric Clapton, Pixie Lott, Naughty Boy, N-Dubz). Just how do you record a great sound in the studio? What are the essentials and what are the tricks of the trade? Here are our top ten tips for sound engineers. 1. More mics don’t mean better sound It may be tempting to use a […]


by Cory Judge “No,No,No,No,No.”  No, this isn’t honoring a chorus of everyone’s most adored trio, Destiny’s Child, but honoring words that U2, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Tim Burton, Gertrude Stein, Kurt Vonnegut, and many, many more had to swallow before we saw the legacy to their artistry. U2 was told by a record label that they […]

Happy 25th Birthday Internet

We’re a young tech business. Most of the team here cannot remember a time before the internet. So, being an oldie, it’s only right that I share a few memories from the day the internet was born. So, what can I remember from back then? Sitting on the carpet cross-legged watching two of the most […]

Project Platform

In 2009 Misha Meghna finished her degree at Royal Holloway University, grabbed her camera and headed out to LA to shoot the city that inspires her most. Misha managed to cut down the costs of her rented apartment by taking photographs of the home for the landlord and managed to stay long enough to attend […]

Celebrating women through photography for International Women’s Day 2014

Saturday 8th March is International Women’s Day, a general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women as well as a celebration of women’s economic, political, and social achievements since the early 1900s. In keeping with the 2014 theme ‘Inspiring Change’ we have decided to spread the love to our Thomson Reuters finalists who have […]