Images for Impact

Imagine the unimaginable. Think for a moment of a world without pictures. Assume that cameras were no more, that humanity had lost the power to document reality with images. Our lives would certainly be poorer, society drastically different, and history, perhaps, set on a very different course. The truth is that we cannot even imagine […]

4 Ways Artists Boost Social Profiles with Instagram

Remember last year when Twitter started incorporating photos directly into your newsfeed? There was the obligatory outcry about brands bombarding their followers with ads, but Twitter didn’t back down, and now their more visual feeds are the new normal. It’s part of a growing 24-second news cycle that needs to communicate quickly and powerfully with […]

Accessory Power

Never underestimate the power of an accessory. Designers, stylists and fashionistas all agree that accessories define style. They make a big statement about personality, taste and preferences. So much so, in fact, that the same outfit or space can be completely transformed with the magic of accessories. Whether you’re a business professional or a night […]

Do you know what #Autographyis

We all know that size is no indication of power and that’s certainly true of The Autographer. The potential of this discrete and stylish wearable tech camera has blown us away. With its 136-°©‐degree wide-°©‐angle lens, Autographer can take an average of up to 2,000 images per day depending on user-°©‐defined sensitivity settings. It can […]

FAQs – Design an Advertisement for Morgan Motor Company

View Featured Invite Details Answers by Marion Landry Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk Autodesk® 3ds® Max Design & Autodesk Showcase® Expert   Table of contents 1. Technical Information 2. Contest Logistics Download PDF version   1. Technical Information 1.1 What size should I output my render from the selected software? You should set the render to be […]

An Artist’s Guide to The Science of Networking

Eeeeew, Networking… The first step to networking successfully is to not think of it as networking. Networking’s got a pretty bad rap at this point. Most people think of sleazy, car salesman-types hanging around poorly-decorated hotel lobbies, eyeing up everyone over watered-down cocktails and doing whatever “mingling” is. Fortunately, that kind of thing is exactly […]

Have You Heard About WPAP Art?

Initially developed by one of the premier illustrators of Indonesia, Wedha Abdul Rashid, known as “The Father of Enlightenment in Indonesia”, WPAP Art is made using straight lines and sharp, vibrant, contrasting fills. Wedha Abdul Rashid has worked as an illustrator for the press industry since the 1970s, developing portraits of important figures from all backgrounds: […]

Using Skateboards to Make Art

Haroshi usa skates velhos para fazer arte

Japan-based artist Haroshi has always loved skateboards and, as an artist, looks at old shapes as a source of material for his artwork. From the shapes of old skateboards, the artist recycles, cuts and combines the pieces to create different wood mosaics, utilizing points and pixels that form incredible 3D objects. To achieve this, Haroshi joins […]

How LEGO Hires Designers

In 2013, about 21 people from around the world traveled to the small town of Billund, Denmark, to compete for a position as a Lego Designer. The Danish company has an unusual method of filling their job openings: in place of formal interviews, Lego invites the most promising candidates to company headquarters to design and […]